Our Services

Human Resource

We offer human resourcing services to various organizations while also adding enthusiastic and business-oriented individuals to our ranks in the organization.

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Health Consultation

We have professional health consultants that render health training to health workers, paramedical staffs, medical staffs as well as non health related organizations about the commonest health issues affecting individuals today.

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Agro Services

Agriculture is a significant contribution to the global economy, with the sector accounting for significant portion of GDP in many countries. Agriculture also contributes to trades with countries exporting and importing agricultural products to meet demands. There are several compelling reasons why people should venture into agricultural business.

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We believe everyone should have the opportunity to invest in businesses that provide solutions to the two major needs of human beings which are the need for food and good health. Our investments give as high as 15% ROI within 3 months guaranteed.

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Real Estate

We offer consultancy services across rural, commercial, and residential property. We are always abreast in our commitment which is to deliver quality, accountable and professional services. We have got developers in Lagos, Ogun and other States across the globe that you can trust with your projects.

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Business Startup

We offer anyone interested the opportunity to start up a business that focuses on creating solutions to the two major needs of every human being on planet earth: health and food We also believe that any entrepreneur that wants to succeed greatly in business must have a mentor to guide him/her.

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Travel and Tours

Use ODG Africa to take ownership of your entire corporate travel experience. Transform the passenger experience while reducing costs and your business’s carbon footprint.

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Digital Marketing

Do you know that failure to generate a consistent stream of qualified leads (potential customers) is a major reason businesses fail? Would you like to have an advertising channel that sends customers who are ALREADY “SEARCHING” for your product & Services to you? If this is you, We can help.

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Meeting with this great opportunity in ODG AFRICA is one of the best things that has happened to me because just within a space of 2 years my life has changed.

Edwin Fowewe

I was skeptical at first but when I decided to find out for myself, I'm soooooo glad I did. My whole life, mentality, reasoning and future has changed. Thanks ODG Africa for giving me an opportunity and a platform. I can boldly say now that ODG Africa is a sure path to Financial freedom .

Magaret Agbonlahor

ODG Africa is a very good Organisation that enlightened and shares the Business inspiration which has helped me to break my financial inability to breakeven. I am really inspired through Transparent motivation. Contact them today for business support and to reach your riches and prosperity in good condition

Aishat Usman

I am super excited to come across OGD Africa, and I can boldly recommend OGD to friends and family because my entire life has been transformed

Mary Iwueze

The Company has been a great eye opener, my business has been booming and If you are still doubting know that you are on a long thing!!!

Taiwo Winner