Welcome to Outstanding Diamond Group

The Outstanding Diamond Group (ODG) is a group of business owners who have one mission to remove 100 million Nigerians from poverty through Mentorship and Training along side Business Building. It is not news that nobody becomes wealthy as an employee, not a single person. If you don't believe it, go and do research and check all the millionaires and billionaires in dollars that we have in our world today. Which one of them is living on a salary? NONE! Though our mission starts in Nigeria, our ultimate goal is to liberate Africa from poverty by turning every single African into a world-class entrepreneur, starting from Nigeria. You are welcome to join us and come out of poverty. Every human being has the capacity to dream big and achieve that dream. However, in the last decade in Nigeria, the minds of our people have been exposed to the most horrific experiences such that most of us no longer believe in dreaming big. Here at ODG AFRICA, we help our members find the courage to dream big again, and we provide the resources needed to achieve those dreams To succeed in whatever you do, it depends on three things:

  • The need for what you do, either for a company or for your customers as a business owner
  • Your ability to do it, and
  • The degree of difficulty in replacing you, either as an employee or by a competitor in business.

Why Choose Us


Bulding world class entrepreneurs who are commited to changing lives positively


To remove 100 million people out of poverty through Training, Mentorship alongside Business building