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The Outstanding Diamond Group (ODG) is a group of business owners who have one mission to remove 100 million Nigerians from poverty through Mentorship and Training along side Business Building.

Every human being has the capacity to dream big and achieve that dream. However, in the last decade in Nigeria, the minds of our people have been exposed to the most horrific experiences such that most of us no longer believe in dreaming big. Here at ODGAFRICA, we help our members find the courage to dream big again, and we provide the resources needed to achieve those dreams

To succeed in whatever you do, it depends on three things:
1. The need for what you do, either for a company or for your customers as a business owner
2. Your ability to do it, and
3. The degree of difficulty in replacing you, either as an employee or by a competitor in business.

Your business is the only thing that can guarantee that you don't work for the rest of your life. What will be your net worth by the time you are 65 years of age? Have you ever asked yourself that question? If you don't have time to build a business, then let your money work for you through our investment plans in agriculture and health.

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Business Startup & Mentorship

We offer anyone interested the opportunity to start up a business that focuses on creating solutions to the two major needs of every human being on planet earth: health and food We also believe that any entrepreneur that wants to succeed greatly in business must have a mentor to guide him/her.

Corporate Health Coaching

We offer health coaching services to various organizations such as churches, mosques, schools, banks, and so on to help increase the health of their members or employees.

Home Service(Health)

Apart from the corporate health coaching services we offer, we also understand that some people will prefer not to discuss their health within a public setting. As a result, we offer the opportunity for individuals to get their health checked in the comfort of their homes and get customized health maintenance service. Health is the greatest wealth!


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to invest in businesses that provide solutions to the two major needs of human beings which are the need for food and good health. Our investments give as high as 15% ROI within 3 months guaranteed.

Agro Business

We are committed toward building and expanding the agricultural sector by raising, empowering, mentoring and training prospective farmers who wants to delve into the agricultural sector and make a difference. Our services include - Agricultural training (crop farming, and animal husbandry). - Empowering farmers with organic fertilizer. Organic liquid fetilizer used by crop farmers, poultry farmers, fish farmers, livestock farmers to boost and increase their farm productivity for profit maximization

Human Resource

We offer human resourcing services to various organizations while also adding enthusiastic and business-oriented individuals to our ranks in the organization.